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30 Days of Inspiration

30 Day Challenge - Inspirational Journal - 30 Days of Inspiration | artofabeautifullife.com

30 Days of Inspiration – A 30 Day Challenge | This could be the most life-changing 30 day challenge you will ever do. Ever. This will move your soul.

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Journal Prompts for an Inspirational Journal

Inspirational Journal Prompts | artofabeautifullife.com

Creative, Inspirational Journal Prompts for an Inspirational Journal – A journal that will move you. Move your SOUL. Change you. Create you…to be the person you were meant to be. These are the PERFECT journal prompts for your own inspirational journal.  If have not started one, do it TODAY. I…

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Journal Tips for an Inspiring and Creative Journal

Journal Tips for an Inspirational and Creative Journal | artofabeautifullife.com

Journal tips to inspire creativity for a beautiful journal experience. Journals are no longer just your average “Dear Diary” experience. They can be simple thoughts are works of arts. They can even be special gifts. For creative journal ideas, visit Journal Ideas: Creative Journal Keepsakes. Be prepared to have your…

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Photo Project: How to Make Inspirational Art

inspirational art photo project

This is probably one of my favorite photo projects. I love it for its simplicity, and it is a wonderful outlet for creating something that you will enjoy, and something that will inspire. Another thing I love about this photo project is these make thoughtful gifts for family and friends. It also might inspire you for your next Christmas card, or for your own personal note cards.

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Photo Project: Shoot from the Hip

Photo Project - Shoot from the Hip

I love this photo project idea. It gives us a different perspective from how we normally see. It adds creativity to your style by changing the way you shoot. It is a fun exercise in seeing. And ANYONE can do it, from young to old, amateur to professional.

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