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Photo Project: How to Make Inspirational Art

Making Inspirational Art Photo Project


inspirational art photo project

This is probably one of my favorite photo projects. I love it for its simplicity, and it is a wonderful outlet for creating something that you will enjoy, and something that will inspire.

Another thing I love about this photo project is these make thoughtful gifts for family and friends. It also might inspire you for your next Christmas card, or for your own personal note cards.

These can be done with practically any camera. One of the images below was done with my cell phone. Most cell phones will take a quality print for small size photo projects, plus there are some pretty creative filters that will turn a simple photograph into a creative expression.

Create a list of 5-10 of your favorite quotes.

Take pictures of nature or something that has a special meaning. Here are some ideas for photographs that would be good for this inspirational art photo project.

Photo Project Ideas for Inspirational Art Photos:

  • flowers
  • water
  • paths
  • nature
  • textures
  • abstracts
  • trees
  • animals/pets
  • whatnots
  • collections
  • keys
  • candle
  • lantern
  • beach
  • park
  • sunrises
  • sunsets
  • clouds
  • words spelled out with pebbles, flower petals, etc.

Choose your favorites and add a quote to each image with a photo editor like Gimp or even a phone app.

You can even sign your creation if you like. When I personally know the person who took or painted the picture, it makes it that much more special to me. If you need a digital signature, the easiest way would be either with a phone app or find someone on fiverr who will do it for $5.

Create a Digital Signature Resources:

When choosing fonts, choose artsy ones or clean ones. Avoid cutesy fonts or curly type fonts. Think about the types of fonts that you see on inspirational posters in the store. Keep it clean and professional.

A little inspiration….

Inspirational Art Photo Project

Inspirational Art Photo Project

Inspirational Art Photo Project

Be sure and come back and share a link to yours! I would love, love, LOVE to see them!

For more ideas for your inspirational art project, see these photo projects:

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