52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space

52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space by artofabeautifullife.com | Free, Printable Download

This is a system for those of us who struggle with organizing and staying organized. This is for those of us who get overwhelmed with big projects.

This is my system for the year. Things have gotten out of control over the last few years. I need a system. A simple system to regain control of my space. And because life has been so crazy, I need it to be a manageable system, something that will not overwhelm me or make me want to quit the first month. But it needs to be something that at the end of the year, I will feel more peaceful about my space.

52 Things is a series of simple projects over the year designed to de-clutter, organize, simplify, and make your life more beautiful. Each week is one simple project designed to concentrate on one small area. A large project can become overwhelming. This often keeps us from even starting. With these small, but very purposeful projects, you will find it easy and feel productive as you take one small area at a time and transform it a beautiful space. These are manageable tasks and can usually be done in a small block of time, but over the course of the year, a lot of little things will add up. Click here to read more and to download the free, printable calendar…

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One Word for the Year

One Word Necklace - Inspirational Jewelry by artofabeautifullfie.com

As the new year approaches, this is a time that many of us are choosing our one word for the year. It is when we choose a word, one word, that is speaking to us, calling to us. Instead of focusing on too many things, it is a way of keeping one goal in front of us all year. It could be a word in an area we would like to grow, a way we want to be, a life philosophy, or a goal. Continue reading to find out what my words were last year, and what words are speaking to me now.

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10 Ways to Make Beautiful Resolutions and Goals and Keep Them

10 Ways to Make Beautiful Resolutions and Goals and Keep Them

Are you making resolutions right now for the New Year? It is the 31st, and this is what I will be doing as I ring in the new year. I just started thinking about mine. I am not going to sweat that. I’ve gone into January working on mine. We can do this anytime during the year, whether it’s December or July. It’s always a good time to make resolutions and goals. Goals give us focus. Whether you are setting goals for the New Year, or you are setting goals in the middle of the year, goals give us focus, and when action follows this focus, we create an energy and momentum. This is where the magic happens. This is the place you want to live. Read more on… 10 Ways to Make Beautiful Resolutions and Keep Them.

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The Journey Awakens the Soul

The Journey Awakens the Soul | Read more... artofabeautifullife.com

I discovered that it is sometimes on the journey that we find ourselves. -Topaz

I have learned that we do not always have to have strong feelings about something for it to be the thing that will move our soul, for it to awaken our soul. The soul is often awakened on the journey. We just must begin the journey. We must take the journeys, lots of journeys. We have to take that first step. We have to say yes. This is the place where life is lived. This is where we get those experiences that stay with us for a lifetime. These are the things that make our life. These are the things that…

It was when I took the journey that…

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The 30 Day Challenge We Need to Do for the Rest of Our Lives

This could be your butterfly moment. | Read more... artofabeautifullife.com

This 30 day challenge has been the single, most life altering challenge I have done to date. This is an update on the last 112 days. If we feed our bodies every day, we need to be just as  intentional about feeding our minds. I challenge you to do this 30 day challenge…maybe even for the rest of your life.

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