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Growing Food in Your Kitchen – My Little Hydroponics Experiment

Kitchen Garden in Water - Hydroponics

Growing Food in Your Kitchen – My Little Hydroponics Experiment: Growing food in your kitchen is so easy. What a fun thing for kids to do over the summer! And it’s a blast to watch it grow! It’s like getting mail every day…good mail..not the yucky bill kind of mail…but the good kind. Also, read on for a little update about some amazing inspiration coming soon!

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Oven Fried Shrimp – Easy and Delicious!

Oven Fried Shrimp - Quick and Easy by artofabeautifullife.com

Oven fried shrimp is so easy….and delicious. There are a couple of tricks to it, though. So be sure to read to the end. This is a quick, easy, and DELICIOUS alternative to frying. Got a couple of tricks here to make them look just like you fried them in a pan.

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The Perfect Starter Juice Recipes for Beginners

The Perfect Starter Juice Recipes for Beginners | artofabeautifullife.com

My first attempts at making juice were NOT very good. Well, I take that back. I would probably love those first attempts NOW. But working up to more veggies than fruits takes a little time, at least it did for my family, and I am the person who LOVE veggies. I found the more I juiced, the more veggies I could add and still loved it.

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