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52 Things: A Simple Way to Create a Beautiful Space – Kitchen (April Declutter Challenge)

52 Things: A Simple Way to Create a Beautiful Space – Kitchen (April Declutter Challenge) with a Free, Printable Challenge Sheet

The 30 day challenge for this month is the kitchen, the heart of the home. Take this 30 day challenge and see what a difference it makes. With a little decluttering and organizing for efficiency, you will love your kitchen. And come see what I just purchased to make working in the kitchen so much easier.

Home Declutter Challenge

  1. Declutter and clean kitchen counters. Store those unused appliances, clear off any hotspots of clutter, and find places for those things that found their way to the counter and decided to make it a permanent home.
  2. Sort spices and the most used cooking supplies in your kitchen. Think about what you use regularly and how to best organize those for convenience.
  3. Sort containers, pots and pans. Throw out containers missing tops and worn out pans that need replacing.
  4. Add the finishing touches. Make pretty with flowers, candles, etc. Maybe even add a picture or inspirational quote to the wall.

With health issues and how crazy things have been the past six months, my kitchen, along with every other room, has gotten out of control, but the kitchen is frustrating in large part due to spices and other cooking ingredients not being readily accessible and all in one place. I have a couple of systems now to help with that. I love organizers and systems to help, but I do not rush into buying one. There’s a lot to think through, and I like to be thorough. For instance, I have been wanting a spice organizer since 1990. See, I told you I did not like to rush things. But I just finally could no longer take my old system of having everything stuffed in a cabinet where I cannot see anything without moving everything.


For years, I have wanted to find a good way to organize my spices. I finally settled for functional over pretty. I will try to pretty it up soon with some paint, but I’m so happy now every time I use it, because it so nice to see my spices and know where they all are. This is a very functional organizer. It will allow for larger containers but not the really large ones are irregular ones. I only have a couple of those, so it will be easy to change bottles for those.

This is fabulous. It does not fit into my narrow cabinets, but this is not a huge issue for me. I definitely want to pretty it up now and leave it on the counter. It’s definitely pretty plain right now, but I think with some chalk paint or even a spray paint to match my shelf organizer it will look great, especially maybe with a nice plant or flowers for the top.

YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer, White

Primary Cooking Ingredients…

I need to see things and have them easily accessible. I do not do well with clutter, but I still need to see things. This is my rock and a hard place in every area of my life. I kept this in mind and found a great solution.

Canister sets are sold for some of these things, but these are sold in sets of four.  I use a lot more than four things on a regular basis and needed a much better system than one set of four.

I fell in love with this organizer the moment I saw it…even though it is a bathroom organizer.  It is perfect for the kitchen counter, and it is the perfect size for the jars I purchased below. These jars can even be double stacked, PLUS the area underneath the stand can hold the shorter jars. How cool is that? I may even purchase a few extra large ones, for these few items that might need more space.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Double Wall Shelf Organizer with Towel Bar

Anchor Hocking Glass Jar with Hermes Clamp Top Lid, 38-Ounce, Set of 4

Anchor Hocking Glass Jar with Hermes Clamp Top Lid, 17-Ounce, Set of 4

Simply Remarkable Reusable Chalk Labels – 60 Oval Shape 2″ x 1″ Adhesive Chalkboard Stickers, Light Material with Removable Adhesive and Smooth Writing Surface. Can be Wiped Clean and Reused, For Organizing, Decorating, Crafts, Personalized Hostess Gifts, Wedding and Party Favors

This I got just because I was tired of digging through my pans. I feel like the bottom should be a little taller. My largest pan just barely squeezes into the space.

Rubbermaid Pan Organizer Rack, Black

I am loving having my kitchen flow better and more organized. It’s much more efficient, and this makes everything easier.

30 Day Declutter Challenge | Surround yourself with beauty because your house should rise up and meet you every day. ~Oprah | Free, Printable Download


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  1. Because herbs and spices go bad if not used (say, within a year), I went with a rack that I filled manually. I keep the rest of the spices and herbs in my freezer and restock as needed. It was a few hours of work to get the rack filled and labeled (we have a labeler already) but it’s been so nice ever since to just rotate and grab what we need.


    • Art of a Beautiful Life

      That is good idea, Nancy. That would be especially good for those spices that do not get used very often. I was wondering what I would do with those. I will have to start a freezer stash for those when I get some free time. Thank you for sharing that, Nancy. I love to hear what others are doing!

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