Let’s All Be Brave (Book Review)

Let's All Be Brave | Read more... artofabeautifullife.com

I am not brave in the normal sense of the word. You will not catch me jumping out of an airplane. I’m not likely to go mountain climbing. And by not likely, I mean NEVER. But that does make those like myself any less brave. Brave means…

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The Perfect Starter Juice Recipes for Beginners

The Perfect Starter Juice Recipes for Beginners | artofabeautifullife.com

My first attempts at making juice were NOT very good. Well, I take that back. I would probably love those first attempts NOW. But working up to more veggies than fruits takes a little time, at least it did for my family, and I am the person who LOVE veggies. I found the more I juiced, the more veggies I could add and still loved it.

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The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life

The Secret to a Happy Life: Celebrate it! | Free, Printable 30 Day Celebration Journal | artofabeautifullife.com

We talk a lot about gratitude, but I have come to love the word CELEBRATE over gratitude. When I am celebrating something, I am REALLY grateful for it. You know that feeling you get when something makes you so happy that you want to break out the champagne and start dancing in the streets? THAT feeling. Find out more about why I started a celebration journal…

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Immerse Yourself in a Life That Moves You

Immerse yourself in a life that moves you. | Read more... artofabeautifullife.com

If you take a step back right now and looked at your life, your home, your friends, your facebook pictures, your instagram, and your pinterest account, what are all these things saying about you? What is what you are reading, doing on the weekend, and who you are spending time with saying about you? Are these things moving your soul? Are you living the story you want to tell?

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This Could Be Your Butterfly Moment

This could be your butterfly moment. | Read more... artofabeautifullife.com

Life is a journey. We are not meant to stay the same as we came into this world. Just as when you were a child and had so many things to learn, this never stops for us. There is always growth and change ahead for us if we want to live our best life. This could be your butterfly moment.

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – 30 Day Challenge

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life 30 Day Challenge | Read more... artofabeautifullife.com

This may be the most life-changing challenge yet. If you want to change your life, the Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life Challenge may be just what you need.

This isn’t just about “being positive” or saying positive things, although that is a result. It is about filling yourself with what you want to start pouring out of you.

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