You Are My People

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Tribes are a beautiful thing. These are our people, the people to whom we belong and who belong to us. While we can have many friends, our tribe is special. It is those to whom we are truly connected in a very deep and real way. They are never farther away than a phone call. They know our stories. They have our back. They celebrate with us…the little moments and the big moments. They pour into us. They help us pluck up courage and chutzpah when we need it. They make us feel… (read more)

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You Are Not Alone: A Letter to Those Who Are Struggling

Purpose in your heart and soul today to create a beautiful life in the midst of a mess. ~Topaz | Read more...

Dear Friends,

There are a lot of hurting people out there. You may be one of those. Life is hard. I know mine is. I don’t talk about it, because I prefer not to focus on those things. This blog is my escape from it. It’s my place to help me get through the hard stuff. It’s conversations I have with with you, with myself. It’s things God shows me, and writing helps me to process it and organize my thoughts. It gives me vision, courage, and inspiration. I am writing all of this to say that I do not want anyone to read what I write and feel… (Read more…)

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I Am Making a Memory

I Am Making a Memory by The Art of a Beautiful Life | Read more...

If you read nothing else today, read this…

It is a beautiful way to live when we are fully living in a moment, knowing everything that it is worth. Always be aware of the beautiful moments we are etching into our hearts to become beautiful memories to keep forever. May your life never be the same after you read this article.

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Making a Dent in the Universe… The Things That Matter

Making a Dent in the Universe | Read more

Life is short. People matter. Kindness matters. Little gestures matter. That kind thought you are thinking of someone right now could sow seeds of greatness in their life. It could be the thing that might begin to slowly turn everything around for them just because someone, just because YOU, spoke a kindness from your heart or reached out to them in some way.

Show up. Speak up. Live the story you want to tell. BE the MAGIC. This is where life…

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