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Announcing the Brand New Simply Topaz Jewelry Line

Oh, have we been busy. On top of everything else we’ve had going on this past year, we have been working on a pretty big project…a brand new line of jewelry. There were many late nights and many weekends, but the new line is amazing and so worth everything we have put into it. There were months and months of planning and creating while we learned about 1,453,976 things, put out 543 fires, made about 467,835 decisions, and created a lot of magic along the way.

And we are launching it with a big sale!

***3 Day Sale – 10-40% Off Select Items***
October 1 through midnight October 3 EST


We have added leather cuff bracelets, bangle charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, engraved inspirational necklaces, and cell phone charms! Lots of fun and inspirational pieces!

Inspirational Jewelry - Live the Story You Want to Tell by Simply TopazThis jewelry line is perfect for carrying around your mantra and daily inspiration, but as amazing as that is, we wanted to make it more than that. We wanted to make it about others and making a dent. We have chosen a couple of great organizations and will be varying these as we find more great causes, and we will donate a portion of each sale to these fabulous causes. Because it is not only about making our own lives beautiful but the lives of others also. We want to make a difference, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for partnering with us with each purchase you make and making a difference with us.

Because of you…
someone will have clean water to drink
someone will have much needed healthcare
someone will eat today
someone will be able to get an education
someone will have a roof over their heads
a child will feel hope

“Let’s write on the wall of life that we were here. We came, gave, and loved with gratitude and joy and left it a better place.” -Topaz

As much as we have been through this past year in our own lives, there are so many worse off. We take so many things for granted, things that others would consider a luxury. Just imagine what a difference we can make in someone’s life.

So let’s inspire others and help to make the lives of others more beautiful. Buy a piece of inspiration for yourself and someone who needs a little encouragement or inspiration. Not only will it help make their lives more beautiful, too, but it will help someone else through our donations. That’s a lot of giving going on. So let’s make a difference.

Read more about the Art of a Beautiful Life Movement
We have everything added to our Etsy shop and will begin to add items to the blog soon, so for now, please visit us at the Etsy shop: The Simply Topaz Etsy Shop

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Topaz is an inspirational blogger and photographer building a tribe of beautiful souls creating a beautiful life. Find me on Instagram: @artofabeautifullife

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