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10 Things to Do When Life Is Hard…Again


10 back to basics moves for when life is hard…again. Maybe this is for you…or maybe it is for someone you know. So many are fighting battles they never share. The last couple of days were harder than I’ve had in over 7 years. The I can’t breathe kind of…

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It Is the Good in Life that Floats to the Top

It is the good in life that floats to the top. -Topaz

I’m sitting there listening to this when I realize I had been through, not one, but ever single thing on her list…in the last eighteen months. Every. Single. Thing. It was a wonder I was still standing, but I was. And I was doing fine. And that is the part I remember the most about that time in my life.

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Announcing the Brand New Simply Topaz Jewelry Line


Oh, have we been busy. On top of everything else we’ve had going on this past year, we have been working on a pretty big project…a brand new line of jewelry. There were many late nights and many weekends, but the new line is amazing and so worth everything we…

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You Are Braver and Stronger Than You Think

You are braver than you think, my superhero friend!

Those days where we think we are just getting by, just existing, and barely at that, we have it ALL wrong. I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and we had a breakthrough moment. We need to change what we are saying to this…

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7 Inspiring Ways to Declutter a Closet

7 Inspiring Ways to Declutter a Closet by artofabeautifullife.com | Be inspired to delcutter and organize your closet space with these 7 beautiful tips...

Is your closet out of control? Do you have things in it that you have not worn in years? Has your closet become a scary place? If so, then you are going to love these 7 inspiring ways to declutter a closet. As part of the 52 Simple Ways to Create…

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