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7 Inspiring Ways to Declutter a Closet

Is your closet out of control? Do you have things in it that you have not worn in years? Has your closet become a scary place? If so, then you are going to love these 7 inspiring ways to declutter a closet.

As part of the 52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space Challenge, March is the month we tackle the closet. Oh, how I want to do any other area in my house this month, but this might just be one of those times where it is best to just get it done and put it behind us. At least that is what I am telling myself.

I needed tips, but I also needed inspiration…inspiration to motivate, to push through the hard parts, and to help figure out how to approach this. We all know that we are basically throwing out things that do not fit, things that are worn out, and things we never wear, but I still found myself feeling overwhelmed and undermotivated.  I needed some inspiration to make me WANT to do this, to make me feel like it was even possible….to go in and come out alive.  But most of all to help me imagine what it would feel like and look like if I committed to the challenge. So I searched high and low for those diamond in the rough tips, the tips that would move us to…go into the closet.

7 Inspiring Ways to Declutter a Closet by artofabeautifullife.com | Be inspired to delcutter and organize your closet space with these 7 beautiful tips...


7 Inspiring Ways to Declutter a Closet


      1. Reward yourself. I’m a big fan of this, especially for the tough jobs. This is a tough job. Maybe reward yourself with a new outfit. Hmmm…maybe I do not get this challenge at all. But, hey, we are going to have all that extra room now.
      2. Know your style before you dive in. Start a Pinterest style board if you do not already have one, and pin the the things you love. Doing this before we start helps us to know how we really feel about what is in our closet.
      3. Work quickly, working off initial impulses. This will help to keep us moving, especially when we start to feel overwhelmed or stuck. A timer is a great tool to encourage both focus and working quickly. Work in four piles: Keep, trash, maybe, donate. I realize the maybe pile will take a little extra time, but we won’t get stuck on a few items, while we are trying to make a dent. Mnmlist.com  also suggests putting the undecided items in a box for six months. If you do not go looking for them within that time, then toss it.
      4. Start with a clean slate. I saw where someone suggested taking all of your clothes out of your closet and put them in a box or bag. Everything. You will find out what you really want by what you dig out to wear. Yeah, I’m not going to do this. For one, I really like to wear clothes that do not look like they were piled in a bag for a year. Two, I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be to dig through it. Now, that being said, I like the concept….IF you have an extra closet in another room to use for six months or a year for this method.
      5. Keep a bag in your closet to immediately declutter your closet regularly This was another great closet-cleaning tip from Lifehacker. This tip makes sense. How many times do we put on an article of clothing, look in the mirror, and pull it off in disgust wondering what in the world we were thinking when we bought this? Toss it then. The bag is convenient and acts as a continual reminder to be doing this.
      6. Be more mindful of what is going into your closet. At the end of this month, when we have cleared out our closets, let’s make a new rule, let’s only buy what we LOVE. It’s better to have fewer items, even if they are more expensive, if we absolutely love them and feel our best in them. We can find ways to accessorize and change our tops and bottoms to create completely different looks.
      7. Lifehacker suggests asking yourself this question when going through your closet, “Would you buy this today?” This could eliminate practically everything in my closet. Problem solved. Next month we will be discussing creative ways to leave the house when you have no clothes in your closet.

This is one of my favorite quotes, and I definitely think we can apply this rule to our closets…

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. -William Morris | 7 Inspiring Ways to Declutter a Closet

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
― William Morris

 Do you have any tips to share for decluttering the closet? I would LOVE to hear them!

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  1. One thing that really helped with decluttering my closet was to move the things I wasn’t sure about to the garage. If I didn’t dig something out after several months, it went for good and without regrets.


    • Art of a Beautiful Life

      Hi Nancy,

      Do you ever get a teensy, weensy bit tempted to look at the things in the garage before you toss them? I definitely think I’m going with a “maybe” box, especially if I am pushing myself to make quick decisions, but I can just see myself going through that box in six months and pulling it all out. Ha ha. Anyone who can throw it out without even peeking is my hero. It’s nice to meet you, and thank you so much for sharing how you declutter your closet. Having the safety net of not immediately throwing out my “maybe” items I think is the only way I’m going to be able to do this and not take six months to do it.

      • I do go through it. I seldom take it all out, but sometimes I will take out one or two items. If they’re still unworn or unused in a few months, they go back out again or else I decide it has sentimental reasons. But that doesn’t happen often.

        I do the same thing with my books. It makes it easier for me to get rid of things knowing I can go and retrieve it for a short while before it’s gone forever.

  2. HA! Way to end the piece!! So funny Topaz!! Love these ideas… I cleaned out my closet about three months ago, and I could probably still take out some more of the ‘maybe’s I put back in there. I surely like the ‘new outfit’ as a reward. BRILLIANT! 🙂

    If I try something on, and I hate it or it doesn’t fit anymore? I simply don’t put it back in my closet. I immediately get rid of it (give away, donate etc). Truth be told, I am at a point where the only things I like to wear are fleece and big warm sweaters. LOL

    Maybe someday that will change… (oh spring, where are thou? Come hither please!)

    • Art of a Beautiful Life

      How wonderful that you got yours done before you became immobile! Right about now I am wishing I had done mine a few years ago, but on the upside, I am starting to feel a little better. Praise God. And, oh yeah, I work really well with a reward system. Really well.

      I admire your strength and decisiveness to get rid of it when you realize its time has passed. I need to get better about that. I think it’s the times that I’ve thought that about something, but then found myself digging it out of the give away bag later and liking it again….until I find myself doing the same thing with it six months later. Ha ha. I’m consistent if nothing else.

      Oh, girlfriend! We could totally hang together. I am all about big warm, comfy clothes. My favorite jeans have pretty much zero butt left. I wear them around the house with shorts underneath them. I. Kid. You. Not.

      I’m going to try and be more like you and get rid of something the moment I put it on and hate it on me. I’ve got to start taming this closet thing.

      • I am CRACKING UP!!! Oh, how I love you Topaz. Oh, how I just love you.

        Had to come back and say that after reading your comment!!!! I want a selfie of your jeans/shorts. Please!!!

        I’ll give you a selfie of my fleece and oversize sweater.

        (Are you on FB? If so, we MUST be friends. Find me if you can, I really suck at finding people.)

        • Art of a Beautiful Life

          Oh, I’m cracking up about the picture of my jeans. I like to think I’m bohemian. I’m pretty sure everyone else in my family thinks my style is homeless.

          YES! We need to be real facebook friends. I will try to find you. I can be pretty quiet on there, especially lately with everything going on here. I do pop in from time to time and talk of my love for chocolate pudding. ha ha. I’ll try and find you!

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