Be as you wish to seem.
Be As You Wish to Seem - It just might be who you were created to be. | Read more... artofabeautifullife.comI saw this quote a while back, and it really spoke to me. These six little words are quite powerful. If we think of who we want to be, how we want to seem, the way we are is not always the vision that pops into our head. The way we want to seem and the way we are sometimes do not always look the same. How we wish to seem might be telling us who we really want to be, maybe even who we  were created to be, but we are stuck, stuck in old patterns, hurts, habits, thoughts, and actions. Maybe we just haven’t learned all we need to learn yet. Maybe we are still in the design process.

Yes, I realize that sometimes we want to seem a certain way for the wrong reasons and for all the wrong things, but I think we are throwing the baby out with the bath water if we fail to see this as what it could be…a road map to being who we were created to be. Yes, maybe some of our motives and desires are wrong, but many of them are right, too. Find those. Find good role models and mentors. Learn from others. Let God pour into you His ways and His thoughts and His desires.

Maybe if the way we are is not how we wish to seem, it means we are not really happy with it ourselves. It’s not as much about what others think as what we might think. Maybe it’s about who we want to be.

Maybe who we are right now is not all that we can be. Maybe it is not who we were created to be. And we know it.

So let’s be as we wish to seem. Do you know what that looks like? Do you have a clear vision of what that looks like in your mind?

Going through life, we will have those moments where we will see areas in our lives that we want to change, sides of ourselves we want to develop more, and maybe sides we do not want to be anymore. But then as we go through our daily lives, we forget. It may not come to our attention again for weeks or even months. And when it does, we find ourselves pretty much in the same place we were weeks or months ago. But we are not living as we wish to seem. We are not living up to our true potential. And we know it. And that is what causes us to be discontent. We know we were created to grow and to be more.

I am being more intentional about this. I am almost 51. If not now, when? I love the quote, “It’s never too late to be fabulous.” I’m kind of counting on that.

But I am kind of ADD. I will forget it it’s not right in front of me, and even then it has a 50/50 chance before something else gets my attention. I have to surround myself with inspiration, quotes, reminders, things I know to be true and right and want more of in my life, anything that reminds me to be more of who I wish to seem, who I wish to be. I need that clear vision in front of me daily.

I love things that make me stop and check myself. Am I being the person I want to be? Am I representing my brand(me), the way I want to seem, the way I want to be? And I love surrounding myself with things that remind me of the person I want to be. I need reminders like this. I need quotes and art. I need room to breathe, breathe in what I want, to exhale that I do not want. But most of all, I need to remind myself.

So today I am reminding myself to be as I wish to seem, to be who I want to be.

To be…

To be confident in the person I am and yet to be and to carry myself this way.

To be strong in the face of adversity, shining like a bright star. There is still good even in the bad times.

To be decisive. To trust myself more, to trust God more.

To be successful. To go after my dreams like they are the last train out with no other options.

To be a person who looks for the best in others. Doesn’t that make us all rise up to the occasion a little better than we would if people only saw our flaws? Be that person. Be the person who pours into others.

Be intentional with these things.

Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.
-George W. Crane

Be as you wish to seem.

What about you?

How do you wish to seem? How do wish to see yourself? Do you have a clear vision of what this looks like in your mind?

Do you have a favorite quote or something inspirational that helps you to be the person you want to be?

Be As You Wish to Seem - It just might be who you were created to be. | Read more...

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