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10 Ways to Make Beautiful Resolutions and Goals and Keep Them

Are you making resolutions right now for the New Year? It is the 31st, and this is what I will be doing as I ring in the new year. I just started thinking about mine. I am not going to sweat that. I’ve gone into January working on mine. We can do this anytime during the year, whether it’s December or July. It’s always a good time to make resolutions and goals.

10 Ways to Make Beautiful Resolutions and Goals and Keep Them

I love doing this. It’s reminds me of when I was a little girl, and I would “window shop” in the Sear’s catalog. Except with goals, we can actually have them when we do the work. Wishing as we looked through a catalog rarely made anything magically appear, but when we goals and make a plan of action, we can achieve just about anything we want.. This time of year, and, really, anytime of year, we get to choose anything we want to do or be.

Goals give us focus. Whether you are setting goals for the New Year, or you are setting goals in the middle of the year, goals give us focus, and when action follows this focus, we create an energy and momentum. This is where the magic happens. This is the place you want to live.

I am pretty sure I set similar resolutions and goals every year. Well, at least they are in the same family. Some could see that as failure, but I choose to see it as being consistent and that I choose great goals and resolutions…so good they are worth repeating. I make progress, probably more of tortoise than a hare kind of progress. But I can live with that. At least I’m moving forward.

The hardest part of it all is when life seems to have another agenda and gets in the way of our resolutions and goals. Maybe that is why some choose to focus on one word for the year. Goals and resolutions take time and energy, but if we do not choose a path, one is usually chosen for us. Even not choosing is choosing in the game of life.

I do not really mind if I fall short with these. I am thankful just to keep my head above water some days. Any forward movement is a win.

But let’s start out setting ourselves up to succeed, giving ourselves every chance to make this happen this year.

After giving this a lot of thought with what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and this is my list.

10 Ways to Make Beautiful Resolutions and Goals and Keep Them

Making beautiful resolutions and goals…

Think about the life you want to live, the story you want to tell, and the person you want to be. How do you want to feel about your life? How can you accomplish this and live life in a way that will encourage this feeling? Write down anything that pops into your head. This is brainstorming, and while you may not keep them all on  your list, they can remind you of something you do want to add to your list.. Just brainstorm right now. You will find that some thoughts you right down will stir something inside of you. Put a star by those. As you think on your list and let it all sink in, choose the ones that call out to you. I would like to advise you here to keep the list simple, but I do not generally do that. I usually need to accomplish more than a few things in a year. But don’t overwhelm yourselves. You can always add something to your list later if you like. Nothing is set in stone.

Use the journal prompts for an inspirational journal to help you focus in on what moves you and what is important to you.

Choose areas in which you would like to focus, and this will help you to know where to zero in on and place your focus.

Keeping your resolutions and goals…

  1. Write your goals down. There is power in writing things down. Be specific.
  2. Keep your New Year’s resolutions and goals in front of you. Tape them to your computer, desk, or bathroom mirror.
  3. Limit your New Year’s resolutions to 3-5 things. This is not to say that you cannot have more goals this year, but keep your main things your main things so they do not get lost in everything else.
  4. Make a plan. A goal without a plan is like a destination with no transportation. What are 3 things you can do to help you succeed?
  5. Create momentum. Choose a 30 day challenge for each resolution you make this year. These can even be repeated through the year.
  6. Create visuals for your goals and resolutions. Create a vision board for your resolutions and goals or create a magazine cover with your picture on it achieving what you want to accomplish this year. It helps us to see it in our minds and imagination. Pinterest can also be good for this. Create a board just for your goals and resolutions.
  7. Find a buddy and hold each other accountable. There is something about knowing we are going to have to share what we have or haven’t done to motivate us to keep moving. It’s even better if you share some of the same goals and can work on these together.
  8. Give yourself a reward for certain achievements in the process. This gives us short term rewards, and this helps to keep us motivated.
  9. Commit. No turning back. If your goals or resolutions are things you really want, decide now that not achieving them is not an option.
  10. Realize it is OK to change these as you go. Changing is not failing. It is just changing. As we work on areas, we grow and change. It is OK to find that your goals and resolutions have changed, too. Do not stay in the past and committed to yesterday’s dream. It’s OK to dream new dreams.

Have a beautiful year, my friends. May it bring all of your hopes and dreams, and may it be the start of something beautiful.

Writing on the wall of life….


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