Look! I’m a farmer.

Kitchen Garden in Water - Hydroponics

Growing food in your kitchen is so easy. What a fun thing for kids to do over the summer! It’s a blast to watch it grow! It’s like getting mail every day…good mail..not the yucky bill kind of mail.

I have been wanting to try growing green onions in water, but I seemed to never have the organic green onions, or I never had the motivation when I did, but the planets aligned this week, and I did it! I’ve grown sprouts before, which I absolutely love, but I was not expecting these to grow so quickly. Look what happened in just ONE day.

I think this water what might be what the Ninja Turtles got into. I cannot believe these plants and I drink the same water.

I did read that you can get special grow food for adding to the water since it does not have the same nutrients of the soil. I did not keep mine in sunlight the first day or two, but I’ve moved it since. I can only imagine what it will do now. Is there such a thing as a green onion tree? I’ll let you know.

These are so simple to start. Here’s what I did.

  1. Cut off the tops of my green onions and used them for cooking. I left about 1-2 inches above the root.
  2. Drop this in a short glass.
  3. Add bottled water.
  4. Place near a window with good sunlight.
  5. Change the water every other day.

I have not got this far yet, but from what I read, all we need to do is snip off the tops as we need them, and it will keep regrowing for quite a while.

I do not have either of these, but if I decided to keep doing this, I would definitely look into getting this…

Grow Up HGTC Vertical Hydrogarden Deluxe Planter Kit, 2.15-Feet by 4-Feet, Terra Cotta

Oh, and here’s the food…
Dyna-GroFoliage – Pro 32 Ounce

One thing I do recommend if you try this is to get organic green onions. It just makes sense to regrow pesticide free food.

I’m pretty happy with my little hydroponics experiment with the green onions. Hmmm…what to try next. From what I have seen, there are some foods like the green onions that you start from your scraps in the kitchen, and you just cut off what you need, but I have also seen where some look to be growing a plant in water just as they would soil.  These are a few of the things I have seen others trying…

  • green onions
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • peppers
  • herbs
  • romaine lettuce
  • tomatoes

Off to find my mason jars. My home is going to look like it is straight out of a homesteading magazine. Oh, and I need to get some sprouts started again. If you have not done sprouts, you have got to try that! So easy and yummy! I use these special containers for sprouts.
Sproutamo – Easy Sprout Sprouter


Have you done this before? What did you grow? Any tips?


(For anyone who follows the blog regularly, I will be back to normal blogging soon. There were just a lot of health and yucky issues going on that took a lot of time and energy. I had to take a blogging break to keep up with it all. The worst is over…I think. I’m getting back to normal and have a 30 challenge I’m writing that I’ve been working on myself as I get back to normal. Oh, how I have loved this challenge. It was just what I needed to get the stink blown off. I have so much to share and will be back soon with some really great stuff! Oh, and while I’m getting caught up and finishing the challenge, I AM on Instagram @artofabeautifullife, so look me up and let’s stay connected. Instagram has been perfect for this stage of my journey, and I’m loving the fabulous people I am meeting on there. Remember to keep an eye out for the next challenge! Oh, how it has been like a breath of fresh air after such a difficult time. So much amazing inspiration is coming!)


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