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Bucket List Ideas… Writing on the Wall of Life

Bucket List IdeasBucket List Ideas… Writing on the Wall of Life

…and living life on purpose.

I must admit that I am not a fan of the term bucket list. I would call it a life list, but that hasn’t caught on yet, so you would probably never search for that.

Bucket lists to me aren’t about what we want to do before we die. A bucket list is about what we want to do today to CELEBRATE life.

I want to live life in a way that I slide into Heaven sideways with a smile on my face, with everything I was given used up and nothing left, exclaiming, “What a beautiful ride that was!” -Simply Topaz

That is how we want to live life, using everything God gave us, taking nothing for granted.

In reality, there are days where just making it out of the house alone is a pretty big deal.

So on this list is a little something for everyone. The main thing is to do something. Create some momentum in your life. Momentum.

I suggest keeping an ongoing fund for such things, so there’s no excuses, well, at least not the money kind. Get a jar and start adding to it. Choose a few things each year and just do it. Just do it.  And then start keeping a “Done” list, or even a “Done” memory book. Oh, what a life.

I will continually add to this list, so be sure to keep checking back.

Make your bucket list, but don’t be afraid to treat it like a living, breathing document. You will change and what you will want to do will change.  Just keep updating it.

Bucket List Ideas for Everyone

  1. Do a photography project.
  2. Take a painting class.
  3. Take music lessons for an instrument.
  4. Learn all the functions of my camera.
  5. Do a photo book.
  6. Write a book.
  7. Get published.
  8. Take a vacation with friends.
  9. Choose 12 life changing books and read them in one year. Oh, what a year that will be.
  10. Take a road trip.
  11. Get a passport.
  12. Get fit.
  13. Do a random act of kindness for each year of my age.
  14. Write an article for a magazine.
  15. Walk a 5K.
  16. Run a 5K.
  17. Walk 10,000 steps a day.
  18. Learn to swim.
  19. Run a marathon.
  20. Start a blog.
  21. Visit New York.
  22. See a Broadway play.
  23. Learn to dance.
  24. Visit Paris.
  25. Buy a homeless person a meal.
  26. Give a homeless person a Christmas present.
  27. Start my own business.
  28. Send a message in a bottle.
  29. Leave an inspirational note in a library book.
  30. Do a photo shoot with my family.
  31. Do a photo shoot with my friends.
  32. Learn to sail.
  33. See the Northern Lights.
  34. Go on a cruise.
  35. Play Messy Twister.
  36. Visit all 50 states.
  37. Learn how to surf.
  38. Swim with dolphins.
  39. Fly first class.
  40. Learn how to drive a stick shift.
  41. Go mattress surfing. (Think Princess Diaries 2)
  42. Learn to ride a horse.
  43. Go on an African safari.
  44. Do photobooth pictures with someone.
  45. Go on a camping trip with all my friends.
  46. Be an extra in a movie.
  47. Take a photo every day for a year.
  48. Take pictures with strangers for a day.
  49. Walk El Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James.
  50. Build a treehouse.
  51. Be in a flash mob.
***Disclaimers*** I am not a health expert. Please consult your own physician for health or exercise advice. I just share what I am doing or things I have found interesting. This is in no way considered to be advice for what you should do. Affiliate links are included on this blog and in this post.


Topaz is an inspirational blogger and photographer building a tribe of beautiful souls creating a beautiful life. Find me on Instagram: @artofabeautifullife

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