What If? A Question That Could Change Your Life

Sometimes, in our darkest moments, we might have a tendency to say…

What if we lose our job?
What if we don’t get well?
What if we got in an accident?

And then it occurred to me…

What if I get well?
What if I am able to do more than I ever dreamed possible?
What if I am a flipping success?

If I am going to play imaginary hypothetical games, why not get excited about the possibilities instead of worry and borrow trouble that may never happen, or worse, I could bring it on myself because of the worry and anxiousness? If I am going to bring something on because of my thoughts, then let it be something amazing from good thoughts.

What if?

Let your imagination run wild, full of possibility and hope. This could be exactly what sets you free to live the life you were created to live.

What if something amazing was just around the corner…and this was the beginning of something huge?

What if?

Writing on the wall of life,

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