Aging Fabulously, Not AppropriatelyI just spent the last hour on pinterest looking at images of older women, all kinds, and they were beautiful. And not what you typically think of as being “age appropriate” in their fashion and hair. Just seeing the range of beauty and personality completely redefines aging, or how to age. There are no rules. Just be fabulously you, living out loud.

We only know what we have always seen and been taught, so let’s challenge this paradigm of what is “age appropriate” or not.

The first thing we must do is ban these two words from our vocabulary: age appropriate.

I am not sure if I am being more sensitive to those words being 50 years old now, or if they are just being used more than ever. But even 5 years ago, I did not like that comment.

I think recently I heard it in the context of someone looking for an “age appropriate” hairstyle for herself. It is HAIR. Can hair really be inappropriate?

aging fabulouslyIf we were flamboyant in our youth, why can we not be flamboyant in our senior years? If we love our hair long, why should we feel pressured to cut it off and get an old lady perm just because we reach a certain age? Maybe even your hairdresser is steering you down this road, because long hair is not “age appropriate” for you anymore. I don’t know about you, but I love to see an 80 year old woman with the same spirit of her youth. She is writing on the wall of life. I honestly do not care what she is wearing. Her hair can be long, or it can be short and spiked. I just want to see her being fully herself. If she is wearing love beads and a crown of flowers, painting graffiti on a wall, more power to her. I admire that. I want to be that. I want to be fully me, enjoying life. Awake. Immersed.

Aging is a natural part of life. No one is denying that. But I think we should redefine how we should be doing that. No wonder no one wants to age. There are all these rules on what we should wear and how our hair should look, none of which feels like us. It is like we are expected to become a completely different person.

Whatever fully a person is, is age appropriate.

Now, that being said, certain things are inappropriate at any age. But it has nothing to do with age. If a woman of age cannot wear it, none of us should be wearing it.

And who are we to tell a woman who has lived 80 years how she should dress or how she should cut her hair? She has earned every right to be any way she wants.

And instead of trying to change them, let’s marvel at them. It will give us permission to do it one day, too. It will give us permission to age fabulously.

And the funny thing about age, we still feel like the young version of ourselves on the inside. Because that is who we are, and it knows no age.

So dress like you want. Wear your hair like you want. It’s never too late, and you are never too old to be fabulous.

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