52 simple, little things we can do through the year to create a beautiful space…

52 Things…
52 home projects over the year
52 things less in your home each month

52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space by artofabeautifullife.com | Free, Printable Download

This is a system for those of us who struggle with organizing and staying organized. This is for those of us who get overwhelmed with big projects.

This is my system for the year. Things have gotten out of control over the last few years. I need a system. A simple system to regain control of my space. And because life has been so crazy, I need it to be a manageable system, something that will not overwhelm me or make me want to quit the first month. But it needs to be something that at the end of the year, I will feel more peaceful about my space.

52 Things is a series of simple projects over the year designed to de-clutter, organize, simplify, and make your life more beautiful. Each week is one simple project designed to concentrate on one small area. A large project can become overwhelming. This often keeps us from even starting. With these small, but very purposeful projects, you will find it easy and feel productive as you take one small area at a time and transform it a beautiful space. These are manageable tasks and can usually be done in a small block of time, but over the course of the year, a lot of little things will add up.

As we focus on these areas, we want to be sure that we keep them up and not let them get away from us. We allow for this through out the schedule with the REVIEW task that is scheduled randomly during the year.

The other action that will make your life beautiful is every month I have included the task: Declutter: 52 Things. As much as we sometimes think things make us happy, less is more. If you have things that are expired, do not fit, you do not use, or you do not like anymore, they need to go. The less you have to work around and clean around and have to store, the more space you create in your life for tranquility. The months that are geared towards a particular room, take this opportunity and de-clutter from those rooms.

Start anytime you want. The calendar begins in January, but this project can be started anytime.

Let’s do this!

52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space by artofabeautifullife.com | Free, Printable DownloadEach month, there will be a new challenge, a new project. Here is the first month. It’s focusing on organizing our home work space, where we pay bills, and all the things we need to do the first of the year, because this is where I am right now. I am drowning in office clutter and disorganization. The weight of year end records is bearing down on me and weighing me down. I feel that I must tame this area to begin on my next space which is the bedroom. Let’s clear our work space and start the year fresh and beautiful….one little, simple bite at a time.

What areas do you need to get under control or need some work to clear, organize, and make beautiful? Do you have any tips that have helped you?

Who’s with me? Let’s do this together and keep each other accountable.

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