If the World Is a Stage…

If the world is a stage, remember our children are sitting in the front row.  -Simply Topaz

If the world is a stage...

If the world is a stage, you are the leading lady (or leading man), and the littles, even the grown littles who are not so little anymore, are sitting in the front row. And they are the most important audience of all.

Make the story an amazing one. Make it inspiring. Make it faith-filled. Make it about being good and kind, about giving more than we take. Make it about love and forgiveness. Make it beautiful.

It does not matter how young they are or how old they are, they are watching us. Even if they seem to not be listening right now, they are. And they are watching. They are sitting in the front row.

If the world is a stage, what are your children learning from you? What would you like them to see? What would you like them to learn?

What are you teaching your children by the life you live? By the words you say? By how you treat others? By how you handle hard times and difficult situations?

This is the most important role you will ever play. It can affect not only this generation but generations to come. Parent with purpose. Life life on purpose.

Lord, may we remember this every second of every day. Young children, adolescent children, and even grown children, all need good role models lighting the way. May we live in a way that our children and grandchildren will tell stories of our live and how we lived it and what we taught them.

If the world is a stage, remember our children are sitting in the front row. -Topaz

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  1. Christen April 25, 2014 at 2:50 am

    So true. Our kids will become us. They absorb everything, right down to our thought and behavior patterns.

    • Art of a Beautiful Life April 25, 2014 at 1:50 pm

      They really do, Christen. It is so important to teach them well and to parent on purpose. Thank you for stopping by to visit.

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