This may be the most life-changing challenge yet. If you want to change your life, the Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life Challenge may be just what you need.

It is widely known the power we have to change our life when we change our thoughts. But how do we change our thoughts? Why do many of us stay stuck in old patterns and bad habits?

It has to do with what we do every day. It is about the habits we create. It is about intention.

My son and I were discussing intention one night, and he came up with the phrase “ridiculously intentional” in this discussion. That is the kind of crazy stuff I would say. I do not think I have ever been more proud.

Ridiculously intentional.

And this is where the magic happens. This is where we will change our lives, when we are ridiculously intentional.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life 30 Day Challenge | Read more... artofabeautifullife.comBut the day gets busy. Life takes over, and before you know it, we have not been mindful of what’s been going in…which will have direct result on what comes out.

This does not require a lot of time, but it does require us to be consistent. We must be intentional. Ridiculously intentional.

I have been talking a lot about positivity lately and the importance of what we feed our minds every day.  This isn’t just about “being positive” or saying positive things, although that is a result. It is about filling yourself with what you want to start pouring out of you. It will begin to happen naturally as a result of what has being going in.

And this is what the Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life 30 Day Challenge is all about. It is about what we feed our minds every day. It is about being intentional with what we feed our minds every day. There are so many inspirational and motivational resources available that it makes this so easy. I’ve included my own list at the bottom of this article. There are even free podcasts. Choose something every day and read or listen to 30 minutes. You can divide that up throughout the day or do it all at once. The main point is to have a steady diet of good thoughts pouring into your mind. Sometimes we do not get these good thoughts in our environment. We must take advantage of other sources. This 30 day challenge will encourage you to be intentional, ridiculously intentional, with making this happen.


It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. -Anthony Robbins

Change begins with our thoughts, and our thoughts are created by what we are feeding our minds. Every single day. We must consistently feed our minds the words that we want to start living. And one day, as if by magic, you will look around and realize you are not where you were anymore.

But it begins with what we do every day.

Normally, I do 30 day challenges, but this one warrants an option for  365 day challenge, too. Just THINK what can happen with 365 days of feeding our minds good things. It could be LIFE changing.

Start with a 30 day challenge and just do it month by month or start with the 365 day challenge.  Whichever will work best for you and keep you soaking up amazing things, do that.

Make a list of some books, podcasts, and webinars that are inspirational and motivational. It helps to start out with a list so that you have some things from which to choose, or to have extras to substitute if you find you are not liking the current choice.

Here’s to an amazing life!

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life 30 Day Challenge | Read more...


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

30 Day Challenge – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life  


365 Day Challenge – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life  

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Here’s some of my favorites to get you started!

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