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Open Letter to Barron Trump

Dear Barron,

I cannot even imagine how much your life has just changed. I am sure it is still sinking it for you. I just want you to know there is a nation full of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends who are standing with you. Know that when you are in the public eye, you are not standing alone. We are all with you. You have a beautiful future in front of you. You have a beautiful family who loves you. And the truth is people will be jealous of you and be cruel to you for that. Others may use you. But life is full of good people too. Surround yourself with those, the ones who love you and encourage you, the ones who are kind to you and others. And be that person for others, too.

There will be people who are cruel to you and say cruel things to you and make you a target because of your family, because of your name. Some of these people will be adults, people who are supposed to protect children, which angers the rest of the nation for you. We are standing up with you, Barron.

As hurtful as this is, and honestly deplorable to do to any child, and completely unacceptable to do to the child of the President of the United States, and to be done by such high profile people who know better, I still encourage you to not let it touch you. What many of us have seen and known for years is just being revealed on a very public level for the world to see. The very ones preaching against hate, can sometimes be the very ones doing it the most.

I am beyond sorry that you are caught in the middle of this and taking the brunt that no child should ever take.

It is time to make our country better than that. We all need to do better and be kinder to one another.

But until we are there, know that we are standing with you, Barron. Grow up to be the amazing person you are destined to be. Grow up to be kind, generous, smart, and full of hope for a better day.

And I will add one more word for you, as hurtful as some of the things are that people will say and do to you, rise above it. Do not take one word they say to heart. They are a small little pocket of deplorable people who represent the worst of the human race. Sadly, some of them have large platforms. Trust me when I say it is all of them who are looking bad, not you. Don’t let it touch you. Put up an imaginary shield and let it bounce right back to them. Do not let them win. You are better than that. You have the opportunity, platform and ability in you to make a difference in our future one day. A real difference. Learn from the great leaders. Learn from the kind and generous souls. But do not let the haters touch you.

We are standing with you, sweet Barron.




To every single person, celebrity, whoever you are, who is being unkind to this child or any child: “Be careful. You are acting in the very hate in which you claim to stand against.” -Unknown

And just in case anyone has forgotten…CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS

No matter what political party we are part of, or maybe we are part of no political party at all, we must all agree that this is not acceptable.


And to all of the people out there with beautiful hearts and souls,
what would you want to say to Barron?

(Please leave an encouraging message for Barron and share this so that others can leave a message for him, too.)

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  1. Be proud Barron. You handled yourself beautifully. I’m sure your father and mother are. Take heart…we are on your side.

  2. Dear young Barron. Please pay no attention to the ignorance of those who would bend to attack a child. You are the youngest of a wonderful family and God will deal with the idiots that mock your family. Keep your eyes on your Dad and most of all God as He will take care of it. God bless you Son. America and God loves you and so do I.

  3. Barron,
    I hope you print that letter out and read it every day just to remind you that you aren’t alone!!!! There are SSSOOOOOOO MANY AMERICANS who are proud to have your family in the White House guiding our country back to greatness!!!! Keep your head held high young man!!!!! May God bless and protect you and your family!!!!! You ALL are loved!!!!!

  4. Dear Barron,
    Hold your head high and know that the majority of people are good people and although there will be some who may verbally attack your family, or even you for being part of it, they are insignificant. I have a ten year old son, and can’t even imagine the pressure you are under right now, being in the public eye and having to tolerate such long and boring political events.. you have shown maturity and poise and should be very proud of yourself! I am personally looking forward to watching you grow up over the next four years and wish you nothing but happiness. Try to enjoy yourself along the way, and don’t hesitate to remind everyone that you are just a child (and will only be one for a short time!)
    May God watch over you and your family, and bless you all! ❤️

  5. I watched you yesterday playing with your young nephew/niece. You found a bit of release from all the standing and walking; trying to get a high-five from him. So cute. Your parents can be proud of such a fine young man, all of America will be anxious to see you grow into a teen these next few years. God Bless you Barron.

  6. Hello Baron, I’m so proud of how you are handling yourself in this new life that has been thrust upon you. God bless you and your family on this amazing journey. If it were me I would be a nervous wreck but you seem to have great composure.i guess that comes from being in the spotlight a lot. Just wanted you to know America is praying for each of you. Don’t forget to have fun.

  7. Baron,
    I realize your life has just drastically changed. I wish you the best. I have a grandson the same age as you. I enjoyed seeing you entertaining your young nephew. I realize all the standing around has to be very boring for you. You’ve done a good job. Don’t pay any attention to anyone trying to give you a hard time. There are many more of us that are on your side and are so happy to support your father as President and seeing a close family in the White House. Enjoy this time. I am so happy that God helped to implement this and I pray that He is always with you and your family.

  8. What a handsome young man you are. Ignore the ignorant people who are saying nasty things. Hold your head high, you have so much to be proud of.

  9. Barron, you did a great job yesterday and loved it when you were playing with nephew/niece. Have fun.

  10. Sharolyn Sue Martin

    Dear Barron, my name is Sue but most people call me Nana. I’m not sure if you have one or not but if you don’t,have a grandmother going by that name let me say you do now. Watching you during the campaign (what little we saw of you) I was extremely impressed by the way you presented yourself. Your just a child but you carried yourself with grace and dignity, there were times yesterday during the inauguration when you looked like you were very tired, but never once did I see you whine or try to take the attention of either of your parents away from what was going on. Watching you with your aunt Ivankas baby, playing peek a boo, high fiving the baby trying to keep him happy. Was an example to all of America, we’re all suppose to look out for the younger and weaker of our own.
    Barron, there are mean spirited people who will try to make you feel bad to make themselves feel better; but honey try to ignore them and always remember the good,kind,and caring people outweigh the bad. Plus hey you just got a Nana in Searcy Ar. And yes I voted for your Dad.

  11. God Bless you and your family Barron

  12. You are a fine young man your mom and dad must be so proud they will always be there for you a child is always his or her babies will never let harm come to you hold your head up high you will be fine

  13. Dear young Barron. All of this must be so overwelming for you now but you will understand.lease domt pat attention to the things people say. You are a very well mannered, respectable young man. I found it very amusing when you palyed peek-a-boo with your cousin. I know it was a long and exciting day for you. 👍😄


  15. Barron you have stood with grace and honor, beside your father, mother and siblings. Don’t ever hang your head because of something someone else has said about you or your family. No one can hurt you unless you let them. I apologize on behalf of every mean spirited person who thinks their voice needs to be heard. They have no honor. We, the real Americans, have taken you and your family into our homes and into our hearts. We will uphold you all in prayer and will do so because we love you all. Thank you for being courageous…you are an amazing example to children (and adults) everywhere.

  16. Tommi Halvorsen Gatlin

    Hi Barron,
    I am so happy that your family is willing to do good things for America. What a blessing it is for you to be part of a family that cares so much about others.

    Sometimes it will be difficult to have so many people interested in you and your family. But at times like that, I hope you will be grateful for all the good things about your life and that you are part of a family that wants to help make the country we live in better for everyone.

    Try to relax and enjoy all the good things that happen — and ask God to take care of the other stuff. Remember, there are SO MANY people who like who you are and wish you all the BEST!

  17. Dear Barron , Your Awesome! And all those people you saw at the inauguration stand with you. God bless you !

  18. Dear Barron,
    I watched you yesterday as you spent hours and hours being the proud son of our new President. You were so patient when many of us would have said,”okay…time out. I need a nap”. But you stood beside your parents and did what you have been taught to do all of your young life. I loved when you played peekaboo with you little nephew. That was a sweet moment that we will all remember. And during the parade when you would see someone you knew and wave with such excitement. You are a special young man who has been catapulted into a world of some very hateful people. As a child we had a saying that was meant to shut people up who were being hateful to us. It was,” I’m rubber and you’re glue. What you say to me bounces off of me and sticks to you”. God bless you as you continue to grow up in an often ugly world.

  19. Dear Sweet Barron, you are such a handsome young man. You did amazing all day at every event you attended. We are so proud of you and love you and your entire family! There are some very cruel people in this world and shame on them from attacking you! You are bigger and better then every one of them. You hold your head high and be very proud of who you are. You have a loving family and millions of people who love you and are excited about seeing you grow up and become very successful . You will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we pray God will watch over you, protect you and love you like no one else can! God Bless You Barron and your family! Lovingly, Jack & Dianne

  20. You are an amazing young man and I am sure you are going to shine bright. You stole my heart with your smile and my son called me to say how precious when you were playing peek a boo as your dad signed the orders. I look forward to watching you grow as long as you are in the White House.

  21. You come from great people so hang in there Barron. Enjoy this experience and laugh at the ignorance of the people who don’t know any better. Just listen to your mother she will guide you and keep you strong. The American people who voted your father in office love and respect you.

  22. For you Barron I hope you have an awesome time growing in the White House. You are a handsome young man. I saw you as you played peek a boo with your niece on Jan.20th. So many would not care to take any time out on a baby, but you did !! How cool is that !! That will be forever etched in my memory, as I am sure, to countless others. You are about to enter a time in your life, at least for 4 years that will be like a roller coaster. I pray you make the very most of it and grow into a man of dignity, honesty and integrity. I want so much for you. I don’t want you to be hurt by people that do NOT matter. Be your own person and cling to a beautiful and wonderful family that I know love you. I know you are a special blessing to Mom and Dad. I believe your Father is going to be everything he says and I believe in him and support he and your Mom to run this country with great success……be strong buddy and God bless you, especially !!!! Love from a Make America Great Again believer…..

  23. Dear Baron,
    Rise above the ignorance of a few and know that there are millions who wish you and your family all the best…. Just ignore the negative and achieve the positive.

  24. Barron,
    I remember the night your Dad won the election. It was very late, many hours past your bed time, but you stood on that stage with your parents. You fought sleep to be part of a wonderful history making time for our country. You stood tall and made it through a long inaguration day. I felt proud of you, so I know your parents were as well. A highlight of the day, there were many, was you playing peek a boo with your nephew during the signing session. You were delightful !! I loved watching you reacting to the many wonderful participating groups in the parade with your Dad and Mom. I am glad that we have a young boy that will check out and totally explore the White House and the grounds surrounding it, that is what boys do…. they check out what’s happening !!!! ( I raised two boys..so I know what I am talking about) God Bless you Barron. Enjoy being a boy, take it all in….adulthood comes too fast. Just know that you are loved and adored.

  25. Dear Barron- know that us that support your father also support you and the whole family. Family is everything and we Americans respect the family unit. There are a lot of us Mama Bears out there looking out for you. We stand against the petty cruel people that choose to insult you. Follow in your father, brothers and sisters footprints and you will succeed beyond expectations. We are proud of you.

  26. You young man did everything Right and made America proud

    You are a wonderful young man. Do not let others hurt you with their ignorance

    God bless you and your family. I watched the inauguration with pride to be an American

  27. Barton, Always be proud of who you are. It’s like sports they always hate the best team and the reason is they are jealous. They are small minded petty people. You and your family are so much better than them. So Barron the only thing you should feel for these people is pitty. They are a sorry excuse for human beings. That don’t deserve a second of your time.

  28. I would say Barron, you are a beautiful young soul. We stand with you! Do not let these evil words hurt you in any way. You are most likely more mature than those adults spewing nastiness. Be strong, we all support you and love you! ❤

  29. I think you are as charming young man. You and your family are in my prayers. May you always hold your head up high and reach for the stars. Your brothers and sisters are the role models you should pattern your life after.

  30. Dear Barron,
    You were born into a wealthy family so you are used to seeing the family name in the papers and news. Now you are the First Son and with it, you will be in the limelight more than before.
    You are a wonderful and caring young man and you showed that entertaining your nephew when he got bored.
    Do not let the hateful people out there change you. Continue being the caring and loving boy that you showed to the world yesterday.
    True American loving Americans have your back and know you are exactly where God wants you to be.
    Walk in faith and love and enjoy all the new adventures coming your way with your new title in life.
    Enjoy yourself, hang out with ones that love you and know that all the hate thrown at you is from jealous,petty, small minded people.
    Chin up Sir! You’ve got this.

  31. Dearest Barron, I realize that you shouldn’t ever be put i in this situation; however, there are a lot of really stupid and disrespectful people in this world. Hold up your head and realize that your dad is doing a great thing for this country and they’re the idiots here. I’m very sorry as an American that these people are using you because they don’t have any sense, but you’re going to get through it with your mom and dad. Hugz son & God bless you.

  32. Hi barron,
    I am a ” juju” grandma and that said I know I love and accept you as mine with 3 other grandsons…I know this hurts you and your family cause it hurts me…just know that you and your family are LOVED and appreciated by so many people, who love and care about: respect, honor, family, humanity and our hallowed land (our USA). WE RISE ABOVE THE IGNORANCE AND LOVE EVEN MORE….

  33. Barron you are one handsome dude. What you did with your nephew/neice was awesome, i love your smile you know how to pass boring times. I love you and what you did, you are a growing boy doing what young boys do.
    Thank you for being you and do not let idiots leave their mark on you. You are from a wonderful loving family. Those people who make ugly remarks should be ashamed and send you a letter of apology.
    Barron know you are loved by your family and (almost) all of America the good people are the ones that voted your Dad in as President of the USA.
    Always have fun be yourself and God Bless you and your family.
    If ever you need an adopted grandmother I would be honored.xoxo Maw Maw Alabama

  34. Barron
    All I want to say is with everything happening in your life don’t forget to be a kid. There are many people behind you not just because of who your father is but because you are still a young boy who deserves to be a young boy regardless of who you are. I wish you a wonderful life little man.

  35. Dear Barron,
    I’m a Grammy to 4, Mother of 2 and I want you to know that I am very proud of you. You conduct yourself like a sweet young man and I am certain that you will go on to do great and wonderful things. Not because of who your family is but because of the heart God has put inside of you. You will learn lessons through all of this that will strengthen you but above all never forget how wonderfully and fearfully made by your Heavenly Father you were. Blessings sweet child. Be happy and forgive always.

  36. Barron you are going to grow up into a fine young man. Please do not let others hatered dim your youth. You have a tough few years ahead not just based on your age but hurtful people out there. Know that you come from an amazing family who lives America and is truly trying to make this Nation great again. Bullying of a child is never ok, but is completely heinous when it comes from an adult. You are better then that. Good luck with your future young man God Bless.

  37. Dearest Barron,

    What a handsome and poised young man you are. Please don’t let the worst of the worst people affect you in any way. They are dispicable and should not be given a second glance. They mean nothing to most of us. Most Americans are supporting you and your family and pray everyday for blessings upon all of the Trump family. We wish you good will and success as part of our first family. We know your dad is going to make America great again. Follow in his footsteps and And be faithful to God’s word. Be kind, even when “some” people aren’t being kind. Be honest even when people are lying about you. Be great, because that’s what every child in America can be. God Bless you, your family and America.

  38. Barron, you are a very handsome young man!! You have a wonderful family that loves you very much! Don’t let the jealousy of the immature adults get you down. You have the ability to rise above the situation. Just know that when the media is trying to stir up something you have Mom’s all over the United States praying for you!! We have your back😀 I can’t wait to see where this life is going to take you

  39. Barron,
    I personally want to encourage you to be the best you can be and overcome evil people. I support you 100%! I am very disgusted with those nasty, vile, evil people. Just know that I have much respect for you and love you and your family for taking such hits to make our nation great again. I pray every day for protection and love for you and your family. God bless you all and I love you all!

  40. Barron, you have almost an entire nation that loves you….You will never be alone….I wish you happiness and the best that life has to give…..Your Dad is a man of compassion and I hope you have received that from him….Your Mother gives you your looks, what a lucky boy you are…….God bless you and your family….

  41. Barron,
    You are wonderful young man! I was so proud of you at the Inauguration. I know your mom, dad, family & many other Americans were too. You conducted yourself as a mature young man. We are excited to have you as part of America’s first family. I hope you are excited too.
    Sadly, there are some mean people out there. The important thing to remember is that they have a problem in their hearts. There is nothing wrong with you.
    Stick with the people who love you and want to help you. There are many!
    Have a lot of fun when you move into the White House!

  42. We love you Barron! The next few years will be tough because some people are jealous of your beautiful successful family and will say ugly things. You are strong and will be able to overcome this stupidity! Prayers and much love for you and yourfamily

  43. As a child of God, you are both loved and adored! It is a very harsh world we live in, but we the people stand with you and your whole family, praying for guidance and acceptance of you and your family. Always remember you are gift from God. Your dad is a gift to America! God Bless All of You and God Bless America!!

  44. Barron, we are so very proud of you! Don’t listen to the negative stuff. Remember sticks & stones… Enjoy being a kid and having fun in the White House. We support you and the Trump family. Big hugs from the LaBree family!

  45. Dear Barron.
    I feel such love and pride for you. Please don’t take to heart what these disgusting people have said about you! Read this poem. Retribution . The mills of God grind slowly. These people will pay for their remarks. I just hope your Dad will do what the Royal family have done in reguard to negeative press about young children. We all love you! You have an amazing family … plus now you have an army of supporters worldwide. It is never, under any circumstances right to attack an innocent child.

  46. Dear Barron. I could not believe how you had grownup since your Dad entered this race. And you’ve grown into such a handsome young man and such a mature young man. We, the people that supported your Dad are here to support you and all your family. People are so unfair, even adults to 10 year old kids. I wish this was not so. Maybe they will mature someday, as you have in the last year. God bless you during your years in the White House! So glad to have you there.

  47. Sharron Harrington Ledrick

    Dear Barron, you have already shown what a remarkable young man you are! We are so proud as Americans to have you and your parent’s to guide this nation! Yes YOU too Barron…you have remarkable parents who love you & will guide you. Your life is changing and as you get into all the changes & the move to Washington, you will adjust just fine. Look forward to making new friend’s and all the new things in your life & the experiences you are about to have in your new home. There are so many bad people in this world, and there are certainly so many GOOD ONES that override the bad ones. As Americans we are all here for you, we will honor and show respect to you and your family. Just keep your head held high, put that pretty smile on your face & try to ignore the stupidity of those who cause us to be hurt over their distasteful actions! I am a proud American & would love one day to meet you & your parents. You are a fine boy and are destined to do great things just like your siblings. God will take care of you all! Bless you, with respect. Sharron

  48. Dear Barren
    My heart was blessed by you the second I saw you when your dad was giving his acceptance speech the night of the elections. What a blessing it is to have parents looking after your best intrest,keeping you in your school for the rest of the year instead feeling pressured to move into the white house as the media would expect. I love them for that. I respect them so much for putting you first.
    As others have said …please know you have a world of people behind you and your family. This country believes your dad will bring positive change for our nation
    You will have to ignore the people who are being so crazy right now. Some of this will calm down in time…some of it won’t. But God calls us to “rise above ” My pastor always says ” I can always tell who is the bigger person in situations by which one takes the high road”
    God also tells us in Ephesians that we need to put on the whole armor of God daily to be able to withstand things the devil puts in our path.
    You have a beautiful family and a country that will support you and love you. Keep your eyes on the positive things. Have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity!!

  49. It was apparent to me very quickly as to the kind of kid you are and the family atmosphere you live in when I watched you play peek a boo with the little baby while your dad, our new Commander in Chief, signed some executive orders. The future looks bright and I’m certain you have parents and family who love you. God Bless you , Barron. I’m sorry there are mean people in the world who bully others. Surround yourself with good people. There are way more good people out there than bad. Best wishes little friend.

  50. Dear Baron,
    I want you to know how proud we are to have you in the White House with your Dad, Mom and family! You are an exceptional young man and are loved now, not just by your family, but all of America and our families! You are a delightful young man, and have already
    shown us how caring and loving you are! Just remember that love always “trumps” hate, and God will always protect you and your family!
    We look forward to seeing you grow up in the White House and be a big part of making America great again! 🇺🇸✝🇺🇸

  51. There is evil in the world, Barron, but we must rise against it, and not let it in to our minds and hearts. When people are cruel to us we must be strong and stand up for ourselves, but we must also remember to keep our hearts warm to those whom deserve it.
    I am sure you are a strong boy who will do all of the above, and who will grow into an honest, caring, strong young man, despite those who would try to hurt you just because of who your parents are.
    Anyone who would treat you unkindly does not deserve your attention or even a second thought from you. They are jealous, their pride is hurt, they are panicked because they let themselves be brainwashed by mainstream media, and they are lashing out in any way they can, like a toddler throwing a tantrum. It is no real reflection on you.
    I am sure you know all of that, but I just wanted to reiterate.
    Chin up, young Barron. Armor on, shield at the ready, heart warm with good.
    ‘Ain’t nothing but a thing!’ 😉

  52. Dear Barron, These people who are slandering you and targeting you are less than decent humans. Ignore their comments because you know who you are. You are a child of the Most High God, Jesus Christ and as such are a prince in the Kingdom of Heaven. People who hate and who spew hate are jealous and envious of anyone who is better off than they are. Spiritually these people are dead inside. Remember that and ignore them and their comments. I am sure
    your parents will protect you and help you to be the person you are meant to be.
    I am glad you have such a good father. Take Care.

  53. Mr Barron… You are an amazing young man, one your mother and father have expertly with love raised! I just cannot imagine all you’ve experienced in those 10 short years, especially the last 2 years. Grab and absorb all the future and awesome experiences and enjoy life to the fullest! You made me tear up when watching you be “Uncle Barron”! You have a huge heart full of love! Continue being yourself and listening to Mom and Dad, they’ve done a GREAT job! Have fun!!!

  54. You are not alone, don’t let anyone steal your thunder. You have great parent and wonderful siblings you stand tall with what you know and not what these hater say

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