You Will Get Through This…and This Is Why

You Will Get Through This…and This Is Why…

I was thinking today about how much has happened to me in Januarys. The death of my dad, divorce, and a head on collision.  All of these things happened by the 10th of January. Different years, but same month. There is a part of me that wants to avoid January altogether. But I find myself remembering a time in my life when I was in real estate, and we had a motivational speaker come and speak to us after Hurricane Hugo in 1989. She mentioned all of the major events that can leave us depressed and feeling hopeless. Every single thing she mentioned I had gone through in 18 months. Every single thing. I am not sure what she said after that. For a moment everything seemed to fade to black. Time stopped. I am pretty sure I stopped breathing for a moment. And then I heard a gentle whisper, “And you survived it all.” I survived it all. I. Survived. It. All. I was still here, and I was still pressing forward and growing and, yes, even thriving.

I say this to you, to myself, to the cosmic void to remind us that we are going to make it through this and why it is so important that we do…

You are going to make it through this. Whatever is going on, you will make it through it, and then you will help others make it through their valleys. No one wants to listen to someone with a perfect life tell them how to get through the hard times in their life. Some of us have to go through the hard times first and make it through them, as beautifully as we can, so that we can help others.

So if you feel like giving up, don’t. We need more thrivers to light the way.

You will get through this. |

Creating a beautiful life,


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