It’s all about remembering who you are…

You do not have to find yourself. You just have to remember who you are. – Topaz

You do not have to find yourself. You just have to remember who you are. - Topaz | Read more about Remembering Who You Are at

You do not have to find yourself. You just have to remember who you are. - Topaz | Read more about Remembering Who You Are at artofabeautifullife.comWho is this sassy, fun and playful little thing? Oh, my gosh! It’s ME! This happy and confident little thing is me.

This was a picture I had seen many times over the course of my life, but as I was going through some old things after my mother’s death, something was different about it. I held it and studied it as if seeing it for the first time, as if really seeing myself for the very first time. I could not believe it was me. I felt much like the character Rose, played by Barbara Streisand, in the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces. She did not recognize herself, and it was as if she was seeing herself for the very first time. I thought as I held this picture in my hand, “This is me? I was adorable, playful, happy, and confident?”

As I looked at this picture, I couldn’t believe this was me. You see, like Barbara Streisand’s character, I had lost my way, too. I had forgotten who I was. All that I am searching for, all that I want to be is found on the road that takes me back to who I was before the world told me who I should be…happy, loved, adorable, and confident. The quest is not to find ourselves, the quest is to remember who I am.

Quote from The Mirror Has Two Faces:

Mother: Do you know what I thought when you were a baby? That you looked just like your dad, and that Claire looked like me.
Rose: (looking at an old picture of little girl) What’s that? She was so pretty, even then. Look at those eyes. Those lips.
Mother: That’s not Claire, that’s you.
Rose: Me? I never saw this picture.
Mother: I found it when I was cleaning up.
Rose: This was me? I was pretty?
Mother: Your father adored you. But you know that. He never felt that way about Claire. Only you. I don’t think he ever held a baby until you came. He never wanted to let you go.
Rose: I’m glad you found this.
Mother: So am I.
Rose: She was very pretty.
Mother: You were very pretty. Remember that.

So, as I look at this picture of this fun, happy, loved and confident little girl, I am telling myself, “That’s me. Remember that. That’s the real me. The me before the ugliness of the world. The me before I lost my way. If ever I need to find myself, I need not look any further than this picture.”

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? -Danielle LaPorte | Read more on Remembering Who You ARE at artofabeautifullife.comThis reminds me of an article I wrote recently, When Did you Stop Thinking You’re Beautiful? I had a discussion with a someone about this very thing. This person was saying they were not confident and never liked having their picture taken. But this simply wasn’t true. They just did not remember anymore. I have seen video of this person as a child. I know for a fact that this person loved the camera, loved the attention, and seemed busy about living life, a stark contrast to the person they had become. Maybe those amazing people we meet who seem to be confident, happy, and so sure of themselves just never forgot who the are.

Do you remember when you thought you could be anything you wanted to be? Remember when you thought you could do anything you wanted to do?

We all need one of these pictures. It does not matter the age you are in the picture. Just find at least one picture of yourself where you shine, not just shine on the outside, but shine on the inside, too – you at the top of your game, confident and happy. Put these pictures where you can see them every day. And, remember, you do not have to find yourself. You just have to remember who you are.

Will you do that for me, for YOU? Will find one of these pictures of yourself or take one of yourself where you are shining and put it out where you can see it EVERY day? It’s not about finding yourself. It’s about remembering who you are.

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