Infinity Necklace with Initials, Heart, and Crystal Set of 2-6


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Infinity Necklace with Initials, Heart, and Crystal Set of 2-6

This is the perfect necklace for so many different people in your life. It can be a tribe necklace for a group of friends, including an initial for each. It could also be the perfect necklace for a mother or grandmother. Whether it be for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, or no occasion at all. They will love it. Everyone needs a tribe.

Best Friends Necklace – Available as a single necklace or purchase a set for your whole tribe.

You are my person. You are my people.

Celebrate those friendships. When you find that person or those people, celebrate your tribe. Let them know how much they mean to you. Or go into together and design it as a group. We welcome custom orders.

Sisters, Friends Infinity Necklace with Initials, Heart, and Crystal Set of 2-6
Engraved Material: Antique Bronze
Chain: Bronze
Charm: Infinity, Heart
Stone/Gem: Crystal
Initials: Your Choice (up to 6)
Color: Bronze
Theme: Infinity, Heart, Personalized, Custom, Tribe, Friends, Friendship, Sisters, Family Jewelry

This is also available for purchase in our shop as a single item for a mother or grandmother and multiple initials.

Each element was carefully chosen by us to represent an unbreakable, forever bond.

The bronze heart charm represents love.

The infinity charm represents forever.

The Swarovski crystal represents the diamond…a symbol for being unbreakable.

The carefully chosen elements make this the perfect best friend necklace set.

When placing your order the quantity represents one set. The number of letters you choose, determines the quantity of necklaces in your set. You will receive a set of necklaces with the same letters on each one.

Choose the number of letters/necklaces (up to 6) when you add this to your cart. Then add the initials you want in the notes section.

When you choose 2 letters, you will receive a set of two necklaces with those two letters on both necklaces.
When you choose 3 letters, you will receive a set of three necklaces with those three letters on each of the three necklaces.
And so on…

This way, everyone has a necklace representing a little piece of everyone in your tribe, whether it is a tribe of two or a tribe of six.

For each number of letters you choose for the necklace, you will also receive that many necklaces in your set.

For example, if you have three people in your tribe (Cheryl, Nicole, Amy), you would choose the following:
Number of Letters/Necklaces: 3 (You may choose this number of letters)
1st Letter: C
2nd Letter: N
3rd Letter: A

Your purchase will include 3 necklaces with the same 3 letters so that everyone in your tribe will have a necklace personalized with everyone’s initials. Your tribe necklace. Everyone needs a tribe necklace.

For 3 necklaces with 3 initials:
Regular Price: 32.99 each x 3 necklaces = 98.97
Sale Price: 59.99

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Sisters, Friends Infinity Necklace with Initials, Heart, and Crystal Set of 2-6

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