Defining Moments.

Defining Moments... The Manifesto Always... Take care of your soul. Think thoughts that make you soar high. Make good choices. Speak words that give...

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12 Ways to Start Living the Life You Want

What you surround yourself with is what you will become. Do not underestimate our ability to be changed by our environment and our actions.  Whether our environment and actions change us intentionally or unintentionally, it

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Aging Fabulously, Not Appropriately

I just spent the last hour on pinterest looking at images of older women, all kinds, and they were beautiful. And not what you typically think of as being "age appropriate" in their fashion and

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What If? A Question That Could Change Your Life

If I am going to play imaginary hypothetical games, why not get excited about the possibilities instead of worry and borrow trouble that may never happen, or worse, I could bring it on myself because of the worry and anxiousness? If I am going to bring something on because of my thoughts, then let it be something amazing from good thoughts (continue reading...).

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