The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life

We talk a lot about gratitude, but I have come to love the word CELEBRATE over gratitude. When I am celebrating something, I am REALLY grateful for it. You know that feeling you get when something makes you so happy that you want to break out the champagne and start dancing in the streets? THAT feeling. Find out more about why I started a celebration journal...

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Immerse Yourself in a Life That Moves You

If you take a step back right now and looked at your life, your home, your friends, your facebook pictures, your instagram, and your pinterest account, what are all these things saying about you? What is what you are reading, doing on the weekend, and who you are spending time with saying about you? Are these things moving your soul? Are you living the story you want to tell?

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This Could Be Your Butterfly Moment

Life is a journey. We are not meant to stay the same as we came into this world. Just as when you were a child and had so many things to learn, this never stops for us. There is always growth and change ahead for us if we want to live our best life. This could be your butterfly moment.

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What Happens When You’re the Man in the Arena

What happens when we are the man in the arena? This famous speech by Theodore Roosevelt assumes the critic is someone other than the man in the arena. We are not supposed to be our own critic. When we walk into the arena, we are the strong man. When we show up, we are the strong man. When we dance like no one is watching, we are the strong man. When we are authentic, we are the strong man. When we go after our goals, we are the strong man. When we go through the battle, we are the man in the arena. "We need to be kinder when we talk to ourselves. Give ourselves a break. Encourage ourselves. We need to not be the critic to ourselves when we show up, when we are the man in the arena." - Topaz

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10 Ways to Be Contagious in an Epic Kind of Way

We have this one precious life to live, to give, to make a the Universe, and I am astounded at the power we have to change not only our lives but the lives of others, too.I have come to believe more than ever the PROFOUND impact we can have on others. Friends, this is POWERFUL stuff. It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. -Leonardo Da Vinci

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Remembering Who You Are

We all need one of these pictures. It does not matter the age you are in the picture. Just find at least one picture of yourself where you shine, not just shine on the outside, but shine on the inside, too – you at the top of your game, confident and happy. Put these pictures where you can see them every day. And, remember, you do not have to find yourself. You just have to...(click to read more)

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How to Be Successful in Life

How to be successful in life begins with one thing. It works in practically every area of life. It is something that anyone can do. But there is one catch.

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