Little Boy Dancing Like Swayze… What We Can All Learn From This

Oh, my heart. I love this. Charlie definitely has an inner Swayze thing going on here, and he was definitely paying attention to the dance instruction in the movie Dirty Dancing.

Little Boy Dancing Like Swayze from Dirty Dancing Movie

I love how he was in his zone, at times seeming like he forgot the camera was there. And I loved how at times he showed off for the camera. There wasn’t anything in him that was not free as a bird.

The things we once did so freely as children, maybe we never should have stopped doing those things. It makes me wonder when we started feeling so self-conscious or criticized that we stopped being free, that we stopped feeling brave and beautiful enough to fly.

This reminds me of a blog post by fellow blogger, Lee Jackson, Let’s Dance. I read it several months ago, but something about it stayed with me. Lee marveled at the lack of self-consciousness in another little boy dancing like no one was watching, even when everyone was watching.

So let’s…

Dance like no one is watching. Find your inner child. Remember who you are.  Stop worrying what others think and just know that you are amazing, just like when you were a child. There was nothing we did not feel like we could do. Surround yourself with people who believe this about you, too. Be a cheerleader for others to find this long lost part of themselves. And have people like this in your tribe. They make us feel like we can fly. And we can.

Writing on the wall of life,


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  1. Lee Jackson October 14, 2014 at 2:35 am

    Awesome! There is nothing more inspiring than witnessing someone being exactly who they were born to be.

    Thanks so much for my gigantic smile, and for referencing my post.

    It is increasingly clear that…..
    “Nobody puts Topaz in the corner!”

    • Art of a Beautiful Life October 14, 2014 at 4:59 am

      I agree! And I just love that about kids. This immediately brought your blog post to mind. How wonderful to witness that in person!

      Ha ha! I just LOVE your words. xo

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