The Art of Being Unmistakable… Making a Dent in The Universe

Oh, this is SO good. I found this and just have to share it with you. I almost titled this post “You’re welcome.” I just know you are going to love this.

This is the stuff that changes you to your core. And sometimes that is a really good thing.

I did the 1000 pages in 30 Days Challenge earlier this year and am just getting around to getting my notes on paper. It was a lot of great information, and I do not want to lose it, so I want to get all my highlights on paper. I have a tendency to forget things that are not in front of my from time to time. It has been refreshing remembering all of the wonderful information I read that month, which also inspired me to get a few more books, not that I do not have a stack of unread ones, but well…you know….you can never have too many. I will get around to them all, just not necessarily in the order that I buy them. This recent search lead me to…

The Art of Being Unmistakable: A Collection of Essays About Making a Dent in The Universe

He writes things that will move your soul, like this…

Digging into the depths of your soul to find the REAL you is something that many people avoid because they are terrified of what they might find. In those depths are our dark parts, imperfections, flaws, and inadequacies. However, that is also where the things that makes me unmistakable and unforgettable lie.

·        The part of me that is capable of making dents in the universe.

·        It’s the part of me that is capable of pursuing a wild-eyed dream.

·        The part of me that can create art for the sake of art.
·        It’s the part of me that can experience the purest form of joy.”
– Srinivas Rao

And this…

The point of a loss isn’t to get back to where you were before the loss. It’s the chance to replace what was there with something much better. It’s an opportunity for reinvention, radical transformation and infinite possibility.

– Srinivas Rao

I am in the middle of reading this now and just loved that we have made some similar quotes. He gets it. We can’t be afraid to color outside the lines of life or to find the scenic routes. This is where some of the best things in life happen. His darkest times led him to his brightest days. It often happens that way. There is a lesson in that for us all.

I am not even sure how I ended up finding this book. You know how that goes. You start out looking for Oolong tea, and the next thing you know, you are buying a book on making a dent in the universe. I fell in love with Srinivas Rao and what he is doing. How can you possibly not love someone who is all about making a dent in the universe?

It gets even better. He has a website with some amazing podcasts. I just subscribed to his podcasts on my iphone. I really have no idea what that means, or what will happen when there is a new one. But I had to do it. It was meant to be. Finding Srinivas Rao at The Unmistakable Creative was meant to be. I don’t know about you, but my soul craves this, the deep, the insightful, the creative, the beautiful life. I went through life for so long without even giving most of these things a second thought. We often only know what we have been exposed to in life. It is when we hit rough waters that we are often forced to adjust those sails.

Check him out and listen to some of his podcasts.  You can find the podcast archives here. I feel like a kid in the candy store just reading the titles.  I am not sure how I am going to get anything else done now.

You’re welcome. I like to find and create amazing things and share them. You can now blame me for the fact that you are not going to get anything done either.

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Finding the real you... Srinivas Rao Quote

Infinite Possibility - Srinivas Rao Quote

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