This one gets me every time. Grab a box of tissue.

The smallest of gestures sometimes mean the world to someone. We never forget them, do we? They tend to be the part of our lives that floats to the top…the good stuff.

Video Source: Giving Is the Best Communication Youtube

This is a commercial by a mobile company called True Move H. Some say it is based off an urban legend. Some say it is based off a similar story. Others reference it as just a commercial. Either way, let not this lesson be lost on us all. It is good to give.

I look at the starkly different paths these two shopkeepers took. The woman can only see what has been taken from her and is so bitterly angry. The kind of anger and selfishness that makes us cringe and that we feel to our very core. The kind gentleman. Looks past himself, past the situation and looks at the heart, much like God does with us.

Giving is the moral to the story here, but something else really struck me about this video – the importance of having a good heart. Whatever has happened to us that may have made us bitter, selfish, or filled with anger and hate, do not let your heart freeze like that, like with the lady from the first shop. Start giving and caring today, even if you do not feel it. The heart will catch up when it can. Kind and unselfish acts will begin to warm your heart again. It will warm a heart of stone.

Be that person, the one who looks deeply into someone and sees past their actions and sees their pain. It sometimes takes very little to make a difference.

Let’s go make a dent in the universe.

I can only imagine the weight this precious little boy had on his small shoulders.

Sometimes it is not all about us.

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