Are you looking for ways to get more blog comments? There are a few simple things we can do that will help make it easier and more inviting for our readers. We love our readers and do not want to miss out on even one comment from them.

7 Ways to Get More Blog Comments by artofabeautifullife.comWe all love to get blog comments from readers. It is a nice feeling to know that someone is reading what we pour our hearts and souls into and spend hours writing, and they are moved to join in the conversation. But are we doing everything we can to encourage that and make it easy for our readers?

Are there things would could be doing to get more blog comments?

I have been participating in a few blog hops here and there and visiting blogs in general, and made a few notes of some areas where it might be causing us to lose blog comments. I also saw some areas where bloggers were doing a terrific job, really inviting the comments. I wanted to share this with you, because we all love to get more blog comments from our beautiful readers. It makes our day.

7 Ways to Get More Blog Comments from Readers

  1. Do not make a reader login. Make it easy. Offer sign-in options for convenience but also allow readers to comment without signing in with another account.  The average person knows nothing about disqus or wordpress, and many others do not always like to sign in through social media accounts because each app gives access to our information.
  2. Be sure you have comments turned on. I know. This one sounds obvious, but I have seen some blogs, even in blog hops and parties, that do not have the comments turned on, either that or some are well-hidden. See #4.
  3. If you use captcha to help with spam, make it a simple one, and make sure it is working properly.  This is where I went wrong. Mine was a simple math equation, but even that was probably not fun for a reader, and even though I did get comments, I found it was not working for one reader who was kind enough to let me know. I removed it until I find a better solution. I have seen the ones with check boxes, and those look great.
  4. Make sure comments are easy to see and get to for a reader. Most are very obvious, but a few were a little inconspicuous. We want to make it as easy and as obvious as possible for our readers.
  5. Comment on your favorite blogs. Write thoughtful comments demonstrating that you really showed up…and didn’t just offer a quickie comment. Sometimes if they connect with you, they will visit your blog and connect with you through a comment.
  6. Ask questions. Ask questions in the context of your article and at the end. Really invite the readers to jump in and be part of the conversation.
  7. Participate in blog hops and link parties. It is a great way to get those first comments on your new posts and to make new friends.

And a few more  BONUS  TIPS…

  1. Get more traffic to our blogs.
  2. Make your posts about the reader. Unless we have an extremely fascinating life, we need to realize that our readers’ time is valuable, and be wise with it. When it is about them, for them, and something they can use, they will more likely be moved to comment and to even share it.
  3. Invite readers to contribute to the post with credit for their new and fresh ideas. Readers with blogs love to contribute and be part of something big, and we all love the link and the attention it can bring to our own blog. See bonus tip #2.

Hope this lists helps you. It is great when we can learn from each other. As I was making comments on the blogs of others, it made me take a second look at mine and see areas where I could improve.  What suggestions do you have to get more blog comments? Are there some areas that you find making comments difficult?

If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments.  I will add them to the article with credit if they are different from suggestions already listed.  Please be sure to leave the link to your blog if you are a blogger.

Readers contribute… How to Get More Blog Comments:

One thing that I have found helped enormously with comments is that I take the time to respond to comments on my blog. Sometimes my response starts a “conversation” of back and forth exchanges. I made this as easy as I could and installed a plug-in that immediately emailed a person when there was a reply to their comment.


I think reciprocity is huge. Visiting others and leaving meaningful comments usually draws people back to your site.

-Jennifer, The Deliberate Mom

As far as comments themselves and responding to comments there was one thing I really noticed some people doing that I now do myself: use the person’s name. It makes it more personal.
-Jennifer, Mums Musing Mind

These are great ideas. I also added the plugin CommentLUV that way when people leave a comment it links to their most recent post. I really love seeing what all my readers are up to.
-Kat, Confessions of the Perfect Mom

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