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It Is the Good in Life that Floats to the Top

I'm sitting there listening to this when I realize I had been through, not one, but ever single thing on her list...in the last eighteen months. Every. Single. Thing. It was a wonder I was still standing, but I was. And I was doing fine. And that is the part I remember the most about that time in my life.

December 5th, 2015|

You Are Braver and Stronger Than You Think

Those days where we think we are just getting by, just existing, and barely at that, we have it ALL wrong. I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and we had a breakthrough moment. We need to change what we are saying to this...

June 13th, 2015|

Growing Food in Your Kitchen – My Little Hydroponics Experiment

Growing Food in Your Kitchen - My Little Hydroponics Experiment: Growing food in your kitchen is so easy. What a fun thing for kids to do over the summer! And it’s a blast to watch it grow! It’s like getting mail every day…good mail..not the yucky bill kind of mail...but the good kind. Also, read on for a little update about some amazing inspiration coming soon!

May 18th, 2015|