This is the challenge for the month of January in the 52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space Challenge, the system for those of us who get overwhelmed with the big picture. It is a system broken down into small, doable steps. It also works out well when we do not have large blocks of time for a big project.

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52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space:  January Challenge

For January, I chose the home office area. When we get organized in this area, it makes it easier to keep up with the things we tend to hate or procrastinate. This will make the rest of our year run much smoother and put us in a better state of mind to address other areas.

  • Create a designated work space for bills and home management. Find a designated area for your bills and household management if you do not already have one. This works well if you have a desk area for this, but if not, create a basket or crate to keep these things in one designated space. If your current space is not working, this is a great time to see if you can find another space for this.
  • Organize your bill area. The more organized we keep this space, the easier and less stressful this will be. Utilize file folders, crates, baskets, and/or notebooks to organize this area. It is important to have a place for everything. Try to have a system in place where everything has a place so that you are not touching it more than one…twice at the most. If this is a hard thing for you to figure out, do not hesitate to enlist the help of a more organize friend to help you organize this space.  Some people have the gift.
  • File and store 2014 records. This is a great time to clean out old files and file yearly records, clearing our space for records for the new year. This is also a good time to make an appointment with your tax preparer.
  • Write your goals for the new year. With the old filed away, think of what you want this year, the direction you want to go with your life. It’s a blank page. Write your best story.

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February will be coming soon and will be a challenge for the bedroom.

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52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space by | Free, Printable Download

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