This is the challenge for the month of February in the 52 Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Space, the system for those of us who get overwhelmed with the big picture. It is a system broken down into small, doable steps.

For February, we are going to focus on the bedroom, the first place we see when we wake up, and the last place we see before we go to sleep. Our day begins and ends in this space. Let’s make it one that rises up to greet us.

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For February…

  • Clean/de-clutter your nightstand and make it pretty with flowers or herb plants.
  • Make your dresser beautiful. Clear off the top if anything that is on top of it. Then take a step back and think what would be beautiful there. Flowers, plants, your favorite beautiful books, a pretty lamp, a print, or inspirational quote. Flameless candles are perfect for the bedroom, especially ones on timers are auto-off settings.
  • Scan your bedroom. Try to look at it with fresh eyes. Is there anything that can be removed? This room should be our sanctuary. This week, look at your room with the eyes of a minimalist. Keep this space sacred and special. Less is more. If you see an area that has become a hot spot for papers, laundry, clothes, clear those spaces and find a place for those things, not a visible area in your sanctuary, but a place that will keep them from taking over your sanctuary.
  • Create a basket of your favorite things, beautiful and inspirational books, a book about your hobby, a novel you want to read, latest magazine you’ve been wanting to read, music, or movies. Remember, these are just your favorite things, don’t let it become too overwhelming…just your favorite things or things you want to do or read soon.

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